How to Build Rapport and Embrace Differences

Do you have a colleague with whom things just never click? Morgan Browning writes for Inc. about how to build rapport with such people by understanding what makes them tick.


One thing introverted people may not realize about extroverted people is that the extroverted people actually enjoy talking through a problem out loud with others; along that same line, extroverted people might be surprised to learn that introverted people prefer to listen to others talk and formulate ideas privately before speaking up. Another point of difference between people is that some people are “peacekeepers” who try to maintain constant civility, while others are “drivers” who thrive on confrontation to squeeze forth the best ideas. When the two are paired, peacekeepers should probably just appease the drivers by saying what is on their minds, disregarding consequences, since the drivers will not mind. In any case, remember that you and your non-jiving colleague almost definitely share the common ground of wanting the business to succeed. For more tips, you can read the full article here:

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