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For CMO or CIO, Being Future-Ready Means Going Full Stack

Somewhere along the lines, IT and marketing ran into a “You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!” situation. As Shelly Kramer explains in an article for Dell, this can be a sticky but tasty proposition. CIOs and CMOs are now dismantling their silos and working together for greater success, since no one executive can ever know it all.

Going Full Stack

In general, there is just too much to know about the current state of technology or marketing for either area of the business to function well without the steadfast assistance of the other. As a result, Kramer says CIOs and CMOs need to go “full stack”:

The concept of full stack is familiar to anyone in IT, but likely isn’t for an average CMO. Traditionally, the full-stack developer was one that simplified the process of developing and managing a business website (or other project) by providing all of the expertise that previously required an expensive team of specialists.

Increasing complexity in both IT and marketing has been expanding the size and scope of the “stack” that we’re collectively trying to get our arms around, and that’s where the adoption of a full-stack mentality and processes will play a key role.

Sapho founder and CTO Peter Yared believes that full stack developers shall soon give way to full stack “integrators,” as specialists are now required at every level. In the near future, complexity is only likely to continue increasing, when there is always the option to include analytics, multichannel distribution, content marketing, and social media, among others. The solution is to build cross-functional teams in both IT and marketing who can bring disparate sets of knowledge together in meaningful ways.

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