Build Rapport for Greater Productivity

The most productive teams tend to be the close-knit ones, so if you want an easy work life, you might as well build rapport. Georgina Laidlaw explains for Gigaom how to most effectively find that rapport.

No More Barriers

Personality certainly matters, though Laidlaw is quick to point out that people who could be very good friends still sometimes have trouble working effectively together. All the same, willingness to extend an olive branch is necessary, which can be difficult in the face of distributed teams. Another issue is that the general focus on brevity in business communications tends to excise all the moments that could allow for bonding.

Laidlaw has four recommendations to overcome these challenges. First, be as available as you can, and if you cannot be available, take the effort to explain clearly and politely why that is the case. Second, take the time to give full responses, instead of shooting off info on a need-to-know basis. Third, ask minor personal questions here and there, trying to find common ground between you and others. Lastly, casually share some information about yourself, to further inspire discussion.

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