6 Tips to Retain Empathy as a Boss

Power does not have to go to your head when you become management. Craig Donofrio lists for Main Street six ways to avoid becoming a monster.

Just Jekyll

First, do not forget how important empathy is in general—if employees believe you do not care about them, they definitely will not work their hardest for you. Second, look to incentivize employees in ways beyond offering money, because such methods can unintentionally foster unhealthy competition. Third, remember you are not invincible, and if you are a big enough jerk, you can be fired. (“Money-wise, bad bosses cost the U.S. between $450 billion and $550 billion each year, according to Gallup.”) Fourth, and related to the first point, do not allow yourself to tune out when people are talking to you. Make a conscious effort to stay engaged. Fifth, millenials might require an “encouragement sandwich” with the criticism you give, or else they might just feel attacked. Finally, leadership is a skill to cultivate, not a right to exercise vulgarly. Know the difference.

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