6 Serious Office Health Risks

Office jobs are not the healthiest or most active of gigs, so it would behoove you to address some potential health risks in advance. Althea Chang identifies six in an article for Main Street.

Healthy Now, Healthy Later

The first threat is of carpal tunnel syndrome, which is when nerves in the forearm become compressed by swollen ligaments and bones in the wrist. You can ward this off early by doing regular wrist stretches, and by keeping in mind that cushiony pads on ergonomic keyboards are only there to indicate how highly your wrists should be lifted; only rest wrists on the pad during pauses. For joint threats in general, stretches help, especially for loosening your hips. Another threat is lower-back pain. Fight this by maintaining posture, exercising your abdomen, and not sitting on a fat wallet. A fourth threat is eyestrain, which you can reduce by increasing browser text size and by regularly looking away from the computer. Fifth, your desk is potentially 400 times as dirty as a toilet with regard to bacteria, so keep hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes around. Lastly, work stress can be the silent killer, so vocally oppose it by… playing video games. Chang really recommends that.

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