5 Reasons Why You Should Commit Your Goals to Writing

Pen to paper is concrete. It becomes an official record for something. This is the premise underlying the five reasons why Michael Hyatt says you should commit goals to writing.

Written to Last

The first reason is that it will clarify what you want. In a few words, you will paint a picture of the destination you intend to reach. The second reason is it will motivate you to take action; having your grandiose written goal staring you in the face all the time is bound to put some pressure on you. A third, more unique reason to write goals down is that, as time goes on, you will be presented with many different opportunities in life—but some of them are just distractions. Having written goals will remind you which opportunities really support your priorities in life. The fourth reason is that having the goal written allows you to focus more on the goal itself than all the depressing forces that resist its realization. And lastly, the fifth reason is that writing down and subsequently achieving goals creates a map of your successes in life. Everybody loves to stare at their achievements.

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