10 Most Dangerous Items in the Office

Do you want to become paranoid about the danger inherent in every minor thing in your office? Sure you do! Chris Opfer writes an article about ten things to watch out for at work.

Terror Everywhere

File cabinets are big, sharp, and they can fall on you if you open or close them wrong—handle with care. Scissors can slice you open Scream-style, so maybe consider safety scissors with plastic guards. The same is true of paper cuts, so basically do not go sliding your hands over paper for any reason. Staple removers are like tiny metal dogs, so make sure you know how to use them and do not get bit. Chairs are a more practical danger, in that sitting in them the wrong way can cause all sorts of health problems. Keep away from copy machines, because they leak toxic chemicals that probably will not give you a cool mutation. Floors are death incarnate and you cannot get away from them, so watch your step. Tangled cords are a more concentrated form of the slipping scourge that floors present. Paper shredders will obliterate your tie, among other things, so keep a distance. And lastly, cleaning products can be dangerous if you do not store them properly. That is, uh, ironic, kind of. You can view the full article here:

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