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The ‘No Matter How You Work’ Project Approach

Need to fire up your next PPM meeting? Try discussing this idea that gives a comprehensive view of all projects across the organization. Kachina Shaw for IT Business Edge interviews Louise Allen, the Senior Vice President of Product Management and Solutions Marketing at Planview about how to get “vicious” nods from your management staff.

Documenting Eclectic Work Styles

According to Allen, companies are eager to support collaborative work at the enterprise, which is difficult to document. Traditional project management tools are inadequate to capture the new forms of agile, hybrid, and structured style of work.

Planview has a concept it calls “No Matter How You Work” (NMHYW), and it helps the CIO and IT in general to link their strategies to execution for improved financial outcomes through innovation:

“Product launches are a perfect example of the type of collaboration that often falls through the cracks. These typically are centered in marketing, but require company-wide, collaborative, global teams. People are not in the same room, but they need to assign tasks, work with external partners, coordinate with external PR firms, and more.”

Where does the project manager fit into this reformed equation? Allen says this is a common question, but that there is no threat to the traditional PM role. This is simply a different way to work, one in which all efficiencies become visible, and hence accessible. If anything, this new approach redefines the project manager for the better, giving them invaluable insights into how work is done.

Once the nature of work is identified through NMHYW, the PM may question the current dynamic, moving forward with an initiative that better reflects the organization’s ideal strategy. And it’s not just PMs who are benefiting from Planview’s approach. PMOs, market managers, team leaders, and a host of others are exploiting this idea to their advantage.

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