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ITSM as an Enterprise-Wide Service

Is IT in a position to teach the business a thing or two about efficiency? Sounds like a headstrong proposition, yet in an article for The Register, Danny Bradbury argues that ITSM may do just that. After all, if ITSM helped IT provide better service to the business, why can’t it help HR, legal, or finance for that matter?

The Value of IT ..SM

ITSM is about organization for the organization. If you were to strip away the “IT” facet of ITSM, you’d have (well, you’d have SM) catalogues, service automation, and management software–a set of workflows that, through a high quality interface, would efficiently satisfy service requests, “trigger back-end orders to third-party suppliers,” or signal tasks for internal staff.

A Round Peg in an Oblong Hole

To implement service management in a non-IT setting, you’d have to have the proper technique:

ITIL remains the key service management option. At a high level, this has a lot to teach people considering the implementation of ITSM-style disciplines in other areas of the business. It breaks down into five key parts, ranging from service strategy through to continual service improvement. Thinking about their service management in the context of all these steps, rather than just operations, may help other departments to make their service delivery more capable.

Service Landscaping

One might start with an audit of the “service landscape,” followed by a rallying of relevant stakeholders around a concept service playbook. Self-service portals and automated processes and workflows are all mainstays that apply to just about any business function.

The Leap to a New Model

Next comes the big leap—transitioning operations. As old service model gives way to new, it’s important to ask the right questions, which is where IT may be able to offer sound advice, nay, facilitation. If there’s one lesson IT pros should understand it’s that, for all the technology money can buy, you don’t get value if the tech doesn’t work properly!

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