How to Have a Successful Office Romance

Susan Adams writes for Forbes about the most precarious business subject of all—office romance. How can you have a real and satisfying relationship without jeopardizing your career? Here is the answer.

Betting it All on Love

Supervisor-supervisee relationships are described as “criminally stupid,” because the accusations of favoritism are endless, to say nothing of all the legal repercussions that might occur if the relationship goes south and someone feels spurned. A recommendation is to literally write out a “cupid contract,” in which you two agree that it is a consensual relationship. It can also be used to set ground rules of how to behave at work or even in the case of a breakup. If you want to be extremely professional, the senior person in the relationship can report the relationship’s existence to HR. One last detail to remember is that many failed office relationships result in one of the two people leaving the company, willfully or otherwise.

Boy, this article really sucks all the joy out of romance, huh? You can nonetheless read the full article here:

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