CIOs: Make Your Teams as Strong as Your Networks

Technology is becoming more of an enabler, which means that the CIO has become a rapid purveyor of applications and tools for the business. A more appropriate term might be “facilitator,” with the important caveat that the CIO must know more about the business than the business knows about technology. Joel Dolisy of software company SolarWinds shares his insights about the CIO’s evolving role with The Enterprisers Project’s Minda Zetlin.

Time to Trust the Team

Time has become a critical factor in the management of technology. In other words, gone are the nights of batch processing updates. But along with developing a robust infrastructure, the CIO must also focus on developing a robust team. Although it seems that technologies were invented in part to account for human error, there are plenty of occasions where technologies also fail. And when they do fail, it is necessary that human systems are in place to pick up the slack:

Part of the process should also include a feedback loop that ensures that the team learns from the problems. This should not be a blame session, but rather a step in the process that is used to really understand what caused the issue and what could be done to avoid it in the future.

And speaking of technology problems, aren’t employees the ones who understand tech the best? Tapping into innovation means getting in touch with those on the front lines, with letting them share their insights.

Nothing in Isolation

Also ready to aid the CIO are CSOs, CDOs, and CMOs, other members of the C-Suite who are making technology decisions but often without the input of their counterparts. If there is anyone who can unite these leaders, it is the Chief Information Officer. Dolisy leaves one last bit of advice for his contemporaries to contemplate – bubbles are for bursting. Anything left in isolation in the digital era withers and dies. And that goes for IT operations, technology experts, and whole industries.

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