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7 Steps to Starting an Online Business

Allen Moon writes for Entrepreneur with a time-tested approach to launching a successful online business. Let’s blast off to the Moon.

It was a Space Joke

First, find a need and fill it. Start with a target market and study (perhaps through Internet keyword popularity) which problems they have that are not being easily remedied; Moon actively dissuades against starting with a product instead of a market. Second, write copy that sells, which generally means exciting the reader’s interest and creating urgency for your product. Third, design and build your website, remembering to keep it clean and simple. Fourth, go for pay-per-click advertising in search engines to drive in the type of traffic you want. Fifth, establish an expert reputation for yourself by contributing content (articles, etc.) to other websites and forums, and always remembering to link back to your website. Sixth, develop an email marketing strategy to convert visitors into customers. Lastly, increase your income through backend sales and upselling, which is another way of saying to examine customer lifetime value and reward customers for loyalty.

To get the full story on each of these steps, you can check out the original article here:

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