5 Questions Every CIO Should Ask of the CEO

Just as technology is an enabler, it also becomes a barrier to entry. And that is why the CIO is in a crucial position to enable the business, to convert the barrier into a booster. Bryan E. Jones of Dell summarizes the findings of a recent survey and challenges CIOs to ask their respective CEOs just five essential questions about enterprise tech.

5 Questions Worth Asking CEOs

  1. Are we informing about and updating our security policy?
  2. How important is it for our employees to have anytime, anywhere access to our applications and data, and how will that impact our business?
  3. How do you see the company’s footprint growing?
  4. How would you like to make the customer experience better?
  5. What is the type of talent we are looking to recruit in the future?

It’s not just technology that can prevent security breaches. Employees are themselves a front line of resistance against threats – with the right training and awareness. The gap between IT-sanctioned BYOD use and what employees actually use is still wide, and 32% of all mid-market companies have no official plan for unsanctioned IT use.

The growth of any company becomes problematic without some form of migration to the cloud. What degree of cloud you lead the organization to embrace depends on factors specific to your enterprise. And lastly, just because you’ve got the data (and aren’t CIOs good at getting it) doesn’t mean it makes any sense to the business. Improving customer experience in the digital age requires an IT unit capable of deciphering insights about the customer experience.

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