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The IT Service Desk, a Picture in Words

Those who work the service desk are the face of the organization. To the end users / customers, they are basically the organization incarnate. And though the customers can be very polite and friendly, make no mistake – they’ve got questions to be answered and expectations to be met. So it’s unwise to put anything but your best energies into service. In an article for ServiceDesk360, Lorraine Brown gives us her “in the trenches” impression of what it takes to run a world class service desk.

Eyes and Ears of the Organization

The service desk team are the eyes, the ears and the voice of the [organisation’s] user community. They witness first-hand the affects of any system blip, or dare I say an outage due to background analyst error. They are the interface between the user community and the organisation providing feed-back on the uptake of service usage and trends, and what new technology is being presented at the desk for support.

The service desk is the harshest and the most exposed functioning environment in the world of IT providing little or no shelter. With no place to hide, all good service desk analysts are expected to know the answer to every question or issue presented to them. Indeed it is expected that the front line service desk analyst should be able to react, answer and resolve any IT query in almost an instant.

The service desk team is also, as it so happens, the face of IT. If you ever find yourself working in such a position, expect only the unexpected. It is as exciting and refreshing as it is demanding. For those working on the “front line” (as opposed to 2nd and 3rd line) it is management who can make or break the experience. This is demonstrated by Brown relating how she inherited an unsupported team at Saint Andrew’s University in 2006, only to transform the IT department there into an “award winning” service provider.

Read the original article at: http://www.servicedesk360.com/the-secrets-to-service-desk-success/

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