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Friends in Business Together: 4 Success Stories

Getting into business with friends does not need to be a disaster. Penny Wrenn writes for Forbes with four stories of friends achieving success together.

Friendship is Magic

“Opposites attract” is a rule that actually works in business, so you should work with someone whose skillset complements yours and does not overlap too much. For instance, Ken Cornick and Caryn Seidman-Becker worked together at an investment firm, and they realized their calm, calculated and highly passionate personalities respectively meshed well. They eventually took over a biometrics company and grew its size to over 130 employees in seven cities. Another recipe for success is shared passion. Stacy Struminger and Rachel Teyssier put their heads together to design “waterproof pashminas,” a fashionable alternative to umbrellas. Meanwhile, Dustin Malstrom owned an architecture design firm and collaborated frequently over the years with technology consultant Jon Osis, and when they finally just decided to officially join together, their clientele doubled. Lastly, Saptosa Foster and Shante Bacon, who run the PR outfit 135th Street Agency, were able to thrive by putting their friendship first; the business almost failed in its early years, but by not wanting to let each other down, they persevered and made clients out of the likes of Disney and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

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