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Don’t Stifle Creativity: Let App Designers & Architects Work from Home

If you’re a skeptic of the IT work-at-home trend, take the following into consideration. Scott Robinson says in an article for TechRepublic that architects and app designers feel stifled at work. It’s just not the right place for creativity to flourish.

Distraction vs. Inspiration

Does creativity really thrive under conditions of solitude? Well, first of all, creativity requires no small amount of concentration. That only works in the absence of distractions or in the presence of some preselected background noise. At work, distractions tend to be variable and unpredictable. Furthermore, inspiration is often personal. At work we can bring in knickknacks or a few relevant books, but at home an entire archive of information lies at our fingertips.

Though author Robert Ludlum argues that writing popular novels is a business, that you just have to sit down and do it, there are often moments when you “wish you could be there” to put that missing piece into place. The moments of inspiration that occur outside of our work hours count for a lot, and it helps to have our spread of work materials at hand to take advantage of those precious instances.

Creative Comfort

Aside from enabling serendipity, home also harbors the benefit of comfort. We are at our creative best when alert and at maximum comfort (minimum distraction / discomfort), a state more achievable when we control our own environment.

A factor that may hinder creative work at the office is chatting, although it depends on when and with whom:

Contact with others is important, but faces, handshakes, and body language matter most with those we don’t know well. Our team members are, presumably, familiar to us — and when that’s true, communicating via chat works just fine. Many companies have deployed social media for this purpose, and there are numerous free chat platforms available. Or, there’s always the telephone.

Lastly, innovation is sometimes the kind of process that makes you want to scream. Wouldn’t you rather be at home for that?

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