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CIO Barriers to Hop and Break

Tech-specific obstacles are blocking CIOs from helping their organization transform in an ever-evolving game of speed and agility. CIO Insight’s Dennis McCafferty highlights the various stumbling blocks in a slideshow based on the Global CIO Study 2015: Taking Up the Task of Business Transformation.

Rescuing Support and Delivery

A “new IP” must come to the rescue in the face of evasive and pervasive shadow IT, and more importantly, the unyielding barrier of legacy infrastructure, which McCafferty characterizes as the “public enemy #1” of digital transformation.

Imagine business transformation as the original Super Mario Bros. And think of legacy infrastructure as the ubiquitous block walls that Mario and Luigi must jump over to beat the timer on each level. In other words, the existing network is the problem 75% of the time. That infrastructure is an impediment to speed means that deliverables and support services are, like Princess Toadstool, constantly in peril.

Obstacles and Instruments

Analytics and data mining are not being used to their maximum efficiency, as when too many Question Blocks or secret blocks are missed. Those extra coins would certainly sooth the two-thirds of CIOs who feel they need to reduce operational costs. What CIOs really want is that flashing Starman of fast deployment and rapid access to apps from multiple devices.

Play Better

Survey results reveal that IT and the business need to better communicate and collaborate on their efforts. IT needs to direct the business to the correct technological “warp pipes,” and the business needs to provide IT as many financial “lives” as it needs to navigate the perils of transformation. As such, the 40% of CIOs who fret over choosing the right vendors need assurance that they’ve stomped on the right Koopa at the right moment.

Play Fair

Ninety percent said they are deploying in the cloud, which is, for the purpose of this Nintendo analogy, a completely different Mario game. And unfortunately, sometimes that game is being played without the input of IT.

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