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Accenture Report: Shaping the IT Workforce of the Future

Digitalization is a many-pronged beast. Talent and technology must be equal partners in progress for IT to become more agile, improve security, and to build the workforce of tomorrow. Not surprisingly, it is the CIO who stands to make the most of this unfolding future. As an Accenture Strategy report by Diana Bersohn asserts, it is time to “change or be changed.”

The New Era of IT

The truth is that innovation is happening everywhere – IT or no IT. As business lines blur with technology work (sometimes intentionally) it is crucial to think in terms of skill networks and cross-functional teams, especially when dealing with the SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud) technologies.

And it’s not just technologies that are evolving. Gone too are the days when an employee could expect to master an unchanging work environment. For IT, traditional design, build, and run programs are giving way to service assembly and integration methods. Now is a crucial juncture to adjust the IT workforce for the coming prevalence of human-robot collaboration (as mythical as that sounds).

All the turbulent change in work roles and technologies is occurring within the context of a radically different work landscape. Staff resources are geographically scattered; prospects expect more flexibility and a chance to innovate.

Taking the Digital Bull by the Horns

Bersohn is unwavering in her assessment of the steps that need to be taken by the CIO to intercept these imminent developments:

Question everything. Consider how an IT organization would be structured starting from scratch. Adapt the organization’s image. Establish new organizational structures, governance and interaction models that make the best use of skills and capabilities across the ecosystem. Redefine the role of IT.

Retooling the IT talent strategy is at the heart of digital transformation, with “multi-speed” workforce the crucial buzz phrase to consider. In other words, you’ll want to mix a perfect blend of internal and external, offshore and onshore support. The culture will and must change with this new wave of staffing developments. Traditional workers must coexist along an influx of millenials, and retention of high-performing talent must be treated as both an art and a science.

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