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8 Ways to Sail Through Retirement with a Second Career

A successful career is not always a satisfying career. Kerry Hannon writes for Consumer Report about ways to build a livelier second career as retirement approaches.

The Best is Yet to Come

Start with a self-assessment: what is your talent, and what do you enjoy doing? Think about how your decades’ worth of skills could transfer into other fields. Volunteer at or attend workshops in fields that might be of interest to you, to get your toes wet without jumping in headfirst. Get all your finances perfectly in order before you commit to a big change. Prior to leaving your current job, take some courses or workshops to help bolster your skills in your intended new field. You should also take that time to network, seeking mentors and people who can make introductions, to make you as prepared as possible for the eventual shift. And while you do all this, just remember to keep your health as fit as your finances. You can read the full article here:

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