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4 Ways to Awaken IT from Digital Slumber

Something happened on the way to a data-driven future. Business leaders lost faith in the ability for the enterprise to adapt by utilizing information in real-time (only 30% still believe it can, according to an EMC report). And they also lost faith in the ability of IT to deliver the innovation needed to make adaptation possible (two-thirds of all LOB leaders). Pam Baker writing for InformationWeek has four tips for how IT can turn this sad ship around.

IT – Awaken from thy Slumber

There’s a bit of history surrounding the idea of IT-led innovation, which was all the rage back in the 1990s. EMC president Jeremy Burton tells InformationWeek that the “crash” of the 2000s led IT into the deep slumber of efficiencies and automation. This defensive crouch no longer makes sense from a business standpoint when disruption threatens from all sides. Instead, IT has to revisit its old innovation shtick. Here’s how it can:

  • Collaborate and lead.
  • Adapt to bi-modal IT.
  • Improve data processing.
  • Reinvest in software development.

An EMC-led survey revealed four basic insights about IT’s return to innovation. First and foremost, IT needs to differentiate between following the business toward its stated transformational goals and leading innovation at times when the business is in over its head. Second is the notion of Bi-Modal IT, which means there needs to be a strong balance between watching costs and taking risks with new software development. The third tactic is based on data, which has become the new currency of the realm. Make sure yours is processed quickly and frequently. And lastly, true IT innovation cannot happen without original design and implementation.

Comeback Time

More than just a bunch of hot air, the hunger for digital innovation is back. When a business team recently made the tour through Burton’s facility looking to make custom software, they didn’t bring the head of IT. Yikes. It truly is now or never for IT to make its innovation comeback in this data driven world.

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