YouTube for Business: Top 10 Strategies & Best Practices

YouTube gets multiple billions of views a year, so why not take advantage of that? Wayne Ford writes for Udemy about how and why to get the most out of YouTube for business.

Tuned in to the Tube

Think of YouTube as just another one of the diverse tools in your marketing arsenal, but remember that YouTube is about making enjoyable content, not generic advertisements. If your first few videos do not generate a lot of traction, do not get frustrated and give up, because virtually no one becomes a sensation overnight. If possible, think about if you might be able to collaborate with more established YouTubers to build your audience. A more direct and obvious way to start scraping a few cents together is to activate paid advertisements. Likewise, take advantage of the SEO opportunities that present themselves from working with Google’s video website. It is a good idea to implant links to your website in the first line of video descriptions and in your channel’s About section. In the end though, every video needs to feature a call for action, to inspire potential customers to take that next critical step (i.e. giving you their money). You can read the full article here:

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