Vimeo vs. YouTube: Which is Best for Business?

You surely already know what YouTube is, but are you as familiar with Vimeo? It is an awesome video platform in its own right, and Kevin King helps you learn the pros and cons of each for business.

Clash of the Screens

YouTube is the world’s most popular video sharing platform, is owned by Google, is free, and offers paid advertising solutions. However, quality of content is widely variable, advertising is as fiercely competitive as on Google, YouTube tries to keep people on YouTube (as opposed to going to your website), and some businesses ban YouTube altogether. Now here is Vimeo’s spiel. They require paid subscriptions to make videos, but prices are reasonable and offer up to 20 GB of video storage a week, in addition to “advanced statistics.” This allows Vimeo to be totally video ad-free, and also fosters a community of creators who produce an average of much higher-quality content than seen on YouTube. On the flip side, Vimeo gets a small fraction of the traffic that YouTube does, and it does not allow unlimited video uploads. So which is best for you? Well, it sounds to me like YouTube is good for catching the everyman, whereas Vimeo offers that flare for the premium experience. Maybe you should do both? You can view the full article here:

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