Ten Effective Principles for IT and Marketing

How can the skills of IT and marketing complement each other in a way that produces positive outcomes for the business? A slideshow for CIO Insight by Dennis McCafferty has the answer. He showcases ideas from the book 10 Principles for Delivering True Business Value in Digital Marketing by Shane Atchison and Jason Burby.

Goals, Vision, and Collaboration

First off, business goals are everything. Forget about marketing and IT in the strictest sense. Use the business as a common denominator to galvanize value. Second, a shared vision between IT and marketing is the catalyst needed to send your business on the right trajectory. Without it, that business goal (lofty or basic) is simply not achievable. Third, data is the best friend of both operations, but it won’t function in a vacuum. It must be put to work in a collaborative fashion.

Innovative Unicorn Culture

Then there are unicorns. Not real unicorns, mind you. These are people who take tech savvy and their creativity and combine the two to form a magical creature who will create ease and value in the lives of customers. The fifth principle that bridges IT and marketing is the idea of an innovative culture. Both departments benefit from the absence of organizational hierarchy, the encouragement of risk taking, information sharing, collaborative learning, etc.

Measuring Progress

Metrics certainly have their place, but don’t be fooled into accepting them as a catch-all. A single effective action is worth at least a thousand meaningless measurements. Use relative-value modeling to yield real dollar values for activities and behaviors. This will hone organizational priorities and ensure a more productive business engagement.

Collaboration, Information Exchange, and Improvement

Continual collaboration and improvement, even after a product has launched, is the eighth principle on Atchison and Burby’s list. Perhaps the greatest key to collaboration between IT and marketing is the exchange of customer information through digital technologies. And finally, innovation is about taking something good and then making it better. By better, we mean that it helps the business achieve its strategic goals.

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