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Stop Reading & Start Learning: How to Absorb Information Better

Reading is a big part of business, so the more effectively you absorb information, the more your career benefits. Kevin Daum writes for Inc. with three quick tips to help you get the big idea.

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When dealing with really dry, coma-inducing content, do not exhaust yourself reading it all and instead skim for major points. Write those points down, review them, and just concentrate on embodying those few useful insights. A second tip is to mix up your learning style based on the type of task. For instance, you might absorb jargon-heavy stuff better by reading it out loud, whereas understanding a physical process might best occur with some simple hands-on learning. And lastly, in general, learn what style of learning best suits you. If you are an auditory learner, use apps that will read your documents to you. If you are visual, maybe doodle some symbols beside major written ideas. For more, you can read the full article here:

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