How Videos are Making Insurance Cool Again

Remember the days when the insurance industry was all the rage, the coolest cat, the bee’s knees? Of course not. But Bloomberg Business says videos are making this attitude possible. Noah Buhayar writes about how the insurance industry is poised to have 500,000 job openings by 2022, and the only way to fill those vacant seats is with better, more fun advertising about what such a career has to offer. To that end, businesses like Allstate and State Farm have teamed up to create MyPath, a project dedicated to creating insurance’s equivalent of a “Got milk?” campaign. Among such things created from it are a video of “two business-suit-wearing rappers and an auto-tuned diva” singing about tips for interviews. So, uh, now that somebody has rapped about insurance, is it cool? Not quite, but the amazing thing is that videos might have such power to make it cool at all. You can read the full article here:

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