How to Work for More than One Boss

Do you work for a hydra—multiple heads gnashing at you from different angles? Jacquelyn Smith writes for Forbes about how to appease these heads without lopping any off.

A Herculean Affair

Unsurprisingly, the most important aspect of managing multiple bosses is clear communication. Two or more bosses might task you with objectives that are at odds with each other, so you need to communicate these differences back to your bosses and arrive at an amicable compromise. If you are junior in your organization, do not let that stop you from giving practical feedback to your bosses. As long as you take the best effort to learn the style in which your respective bosses operate, you can then plan or rearrange your workload around that knowledge. And when trying to renegotiate work terms with bosses, always provide alternatives for the bosses to choose from, as opposed to asking questions that can be responded to with a flat “yes” or “no.”

One smart way to get your bosses to see how much is on your plate is to manage an electronic calendar with the work you have due for each of them, and allow them to see it. Ultimately, having multiple bosses could be advantageous, because it hopefully means you have more high-level players on your side to get things done and elevate your status too. You can read the full article here:

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