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How to Mix a Killer Service Delivery

The secret ingredient to mixing a killer service delivery experience is problem management, writes Ryan Ogilvie at Service Management Journey. Problem management requires quality ingredients – like post-implementation reviews, post-mortems, and IT and business touch points. Without the right ingredients and a trained “mixologist,” IT cannot effectively improve service.

What’ll it Be?

If you’re a business / technology leader, be sure to order up a strong mix of problem management at the IT service bar with a shot of “post-implementation review” (PIR). Failed changes can cause seemingly unrelated incidents, but the PIR can help connect the dots:

Look at the ones you have from last week, or last month. What services are they impacting, what went wrong with these changes? The other post implementation review that should be looked at is a result of emergency changes. If we need an emergency fix this also should also point us in a direction that shows where some issues lie. Particularly if we are doing “routine” emergency fixes.

Critical Incident Post-Mortems

Hey, critical incidents happen. You may stagger away from the incident, humiliated, but as long as something is learned from the experience, there’s no need to feel guilty. This learning can take place in our post-mortems. If the issue is fixed by “magic” than unfortunately nothing has been learned.

Touch Points

Departmental silos, the great enemies of effective communication, will surely limit the degree to which challenges can be understood. But when the “knowledge base” of the operation is united behind a common goal of good governance, fewer holes will appear in the organizational armor. To take the argument of silos further, extending outreach to the business functions to illuminate any misunderstandings in service provision. In other words, if the IT bar is not providing a service the business actually needs, the business should give a holler.

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