Facebook at Work: Strengths and Weaknesses

The world-popular social media platform, Facebook, is setting its sights on business. An enterprise edition called Facebook at Work bridges the personal and the professional, and it currently exists as a series of pilots run independent from the well-known consumer platform. But according to a article by Matt Kapko, the social media giant must overcome considerable obstacles before it can hope to become an enterprise mainstay.

Reputation and Skepticism

Some companies, like payroll and HR software company Payce, are skeptical about Facebook at Work’s ability to provide serious privacy and security to its users, given its checkered history of privacy infringement. The fact of the matter is that Facebook’s reputation precedes it. IT operations won’t want to sacrifice security or data sovereignty to a company with a track record of privacy issues.

Benefits – Cut Down to Size

Perhaps the scale of Facebook’s ambition is what IT leaders sense as the real threat. CTO Stuart Barr of software firm HighQ sees the platform as a great way for small, agile businesses to centralize their communication activities. On the positive side, Facebook is seeking to fill a real demand for workplace collaboration and business-society coevolution:

Consumer companies such as Facebook and others have in the past been able to build more efficient ways of sharing information, and then scale, and enterprises have a clear need for those tools inside the workforce…

A Long Road to Adoption

But of course, organizations have already adopted similar social tools and the benefits are known: improved knowledge transfer, more efficient communication, improved productivity and better client service. If Facebook is going to win at the enterprise-collaboration-tool game, it’s going to have to bank on user familiarity and gradual adoption to overcome the security fears of IT.

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