6 Tips for Tricking Your Boss into being a Better Manager

Nobody comes fresh out of the womb as an excellent manager. Managers need to be made, and you might as well help your boss get there, right? Christina Tynan-Wood writes for Yahoo Small Business with 6 tips for grooming your own boss.

Kind of Like Raising a Furby

The first way is basically to use a Pavlov’s dog approach, telling your boss you really appreciate his/her advice or feedback whenever he/she says something useful. If you do not receive enough feedback about your work, simply ask for advice directly, which makes the boss feel like his/her perspective is valued. And instead of complaining about a boss’s shortcomings, become indispensable by filling the gaps in your boss’s skillset wherever possible. When confronted by a micromanager, realize that it is likely derived from a fear of being left out of the loop, so proactively schedule milestone dates and status updates in order to reframe the interruptions on your terms. A slightly more abstract and risk-laden tip is to mimic your boss’s tone and body language, in an effort to create synergy between you. The final tip then is, when your boss needs something from you, to give him/her a couple simple options as to how you should approach completing it. Giving the boss an easy choice to make, while horrifically patronizing, still might make him/her feel good? You can read the full article here:

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