5 Ways to Keep Your Star Employees from Walking Away

Truly talented people will always find ways to leave your employ. As a manager, it’s your job to ensure that they don’t leave the company. If you don’t want your IT department to become a revolving door, follow the advice of Suzanne Lucas in a post at the Cornerstone Blog.

5 Ways to Keep ‘Em

  1. Internal mobility
  2. Job flexibility
  3. Skills growth
  4. Constructive feedback
  5. Professional management

Sure it hurts to see your former trainee move to another department, but you can at least feel proud that your efforts are benefitting the organization:

As a manager, you should make it clear to your employees that if they have an eye on another job, you’ll be supportive. Oftentimes, managers feel betrayed when an employee wants to leave for a different department, but they shouldn’t. A manager should be proud of training and developing a person enough to prepare him for a new job—not to mention rewarded for providing the company with a high-impact employee.

Flexibility is a high commodity item in many work environments, and yet it doesn’t come with a price tag. That’s why Lucas suggests giving your employees plenty of leeway when it comes to their schedule and approach to work. Sometimes it’s less about pay and more about freedom. If the job is getting done and it’s getting done well, you couldn’t ask for more.

What could cost more than turnover? Certainly not the occasional training seminar. Remember that the key to retaining star employees is to provide continual improvement. What better way to accomplish this then giving them the opportunity to improve from within.

In addition to giving them the necessary flexibility and skills to improve, provide feedback whenever possible. Otherwise they may end up feeling neglected, or worse, like they’ve got nothing left to improve! And finally, if your employees aren’t the kind that you want to keep forever, don’t resign yourself to the same mediocrity. If you do, they’ll feel right at home while the best talent will leave you in their dust.

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