3 Specific Ways to be a Better Boss

When manager Avery Augustine’s boss resigned, her team was brought into a new department, where the new boss asked her questions about her team—questions she could not answer. From that experience, she derived three solid tips for becoming a better manager.

Lessons Learned

First, Augustine says to schedule one-on-one meetings with your team members, where you can give serious feedback that would not be appropriate while chatting around cubicles. This in turn gives employees a chance to express their concerns and ambitions, with the result being that you have a better understanding of project progress and team members as human beings. The second lesson is to “stop using Band-Aids,” which, for instance, means not reassigning work to a more capable person when the original person is not well-suited to the task. Instead, get active about coaching individual team members and expanding their skill sets, or doing whatever else is required to nip out the roots of problems. Lastly, help your employees trust you. This takes the form of recording and following up on any time an employee requests help. A lot of this stuff is pretty simple—simple enough to forget how important it is. You can read the full article here:

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