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3 Signs Your Productivity Problems are Linked to Poor Collaboration

Business is not a turf war. If someone from marketing stumbles into IT, the marketing person should not expect to get jumped and pantsed. In fact, if your departments are not playing nice and interacting on a regular basis, that could be a sign of problems in the business. Richard Lepsinger writes for PM Hut with three signs of productivity problems derived from poor collaboration:

  1. Misaligned goals
  2. Too many chiefs
  3. Poor quality decisions

Happy Departments

The most obvious sign of poor collaboration is misaligned goals. Even a marketing director and a sales director can find themselves disagreeing on which metrics for success are relevant. This happens because their respective priorities are toward the things for which they will be held accountable. Managers at various levels need to have a meeting of the minds so that everyone understands why a given manager finds a given variable to be significant. Teams can then be presented with clear goals that collectively satisfy management’s needs.

About the second point, Lepsinger writes:

It’s a good thing when everyone involved feels pride and personal ownership of a project. However, when anyone with a voice is trying to direct the progress of the work, you end up with confused employees. Clearly defining roles and who the decision-makers are will keep your staff productive and move important processes forward. Employees need to know where to direct questions, ideas and issues, from whom to receive direction and how to solve problems. You also need to clarify who needs to give input and who will have ultimate approval on key items.

Lastly, there is poor decision-making. If you arbitrarily make a decision based on no data or without checking in with stakeholders, then it should come as no surprise when backtracking or firefighting begins. Pick up the phone (or open the chat window) and get the information you need. You can read the original post here: http://www.pmhut.com/3-signs-your-productivity-problems-are-linked-to-poor-collaboration

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