Train Your Brain to be Optimistic

In an article for Inc., Geoffrey James asks you to get really analytical with yourself and how you approach life’s hardships. You can prep yourself for ever greater success if you can learn to think positively.

Yay, No Nay

Unconsciously or otherwise, people have triggers for types of things that cause them to be happy or unhappy. James asks you to actually write down a general list of these triggers that captures the feel of who you are. Then read back this list objectively, pretending perhaps that it belongs to someone else, and decide if an optimist or pessimist put it together. If it is sounding pretty negative, devise some new, speculative rules of things that might shift your thinking. Expand what small, day-to-day things could make you happy, and acknowledge that events worth making you miserable are actually rare. Once you embody this new mindset, where positives are easier to come by and negatives are scarce or at least not damning, you can cling to them as the proof to yourself that today can be a great day, gosh darn it. You can read James’ full article here:

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