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Top 10 Cyber Security Tips for Your Users

Who are the true enemies of a secure IT environment? I’ll give you a hint – It’s not malicious hackers or amateur pranksters using malware. It’s not the unscrupulous scammers and spammers of the Internet. Kara Drapala says it best at the OpenDNS blog:

National Cyber Security Awareness Month was established to strengthen the weakest point of any security solution: humans.

And indeed, it is the hapless user that poses the most calamitous threat to all of IT-dom. A single wrong click could lead to massive data loss or the compromise of highly sensitive information. So share the following tips with your users as frequently as you must, for as Drapala puts it, “repetition doesn’t spoil the prayer.”

10 Cyber Security Tips

  1. You’re next!
  2. Polish passwords
  3. Guard devices
  4. Links are finks
  5. No private info in public cyberspace
  6. Backup data
  7. Malware enters through USB ports too
  8. Avoid “fake friends”
  9. Scams happen offline too
  10. Monitor accounts closely

To flesh out the above list of security warnings, remember these things. 1. You could be the next target of a hack. 2. Don’t write down your password, share it, or otherwise compromise its integrity. 3. Lock your digital device if left unattended. 4. Think before you click on any link! Spammers use spelling mistakes to trip up users. 5. Do your banking and other sensitive transactions on a trusted network – not that of the nearby café. 6. Back up not only data, but anti-virus software as well. 7. Don’t overlook the potential threat that external drives and even smartphones pose to your system. 8. Don’t befriend random people on social networks who ask strange questions about your personal information. 9. Be wary of offline scams to gain your online personal info. 10. Keep a close eye on all online accounts. Report any suspicious behavior to your IT service provider A.S.A.P.!

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