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The IT Culture War: The Struggle to Adopt DevOps

It is said that when the workplace culture shifts, so does the culture of IT. As Jason Hand writing for Wired explains, this “has everything to do with DevOps.” DevOps is more of a culture and an ideology, one that cherishes collaboration between development and operations teams. Not everyone’s so happy about this cultural change, and it appears that some conflict within organizations is inevitable.

Clash of the IT Titans

DevOps might be easier defined by looking at what DevOps is not. DevOps isn’t tools or services that you download from the cloud, the title you give a newly hired engineer, or something you can purchase or find on a balance sheet.

The traditional silo approach to doing business – marketing over here, HR over there, IT somewhere in between – is quickly eroding. This is happening such that traditionalists, those who prefer a work world of boundaries and separate responsibilities, have begun to clash with modernists who like being plugged into the whole, collaborating and firing ideas around the organization.

Empathy vs. Apathy

Some have framed this cultural clash as the difference between Millennials and their senior cohorts, the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. But no matter how it’s framed, DevOps culture is one “of automating, measuring, and sharing in the name of increased efficiencies.” Surprisingly, Hand points to the defining principle of DevOps as empathy. That is, it’s a system that requires looking across a sea of cubicles to ask, “Does this work alright for you?”

A Little Push and Shove

But for now, DevOps faces a real challenge in the form of resistance from what could be described as old habits. Engineers still don’t want to be on-call. Operations teams still don’t care much about their code-writing counterparts. Executives snub their noses at the idea of automation, sharing, and measurement. Sooner or later, the culture of efficiency will win out, only because it has more in common with what businesses are actually about. Until then, we’ll all have to deal with a little push and shove.

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