The Health Benefits of Both Optimism and Pessimism

Yes, the health benefits in support of optimism definitely outweigh the benefits of pessimism. But pessimism does have a couple benefits! Paige Fowler writes about it in an article for Shape. One bright side of pessimism is that lowered expectations for success cause a person to consider and prepare for more variables that can go wrong with a given task. This leads to the negative person feeling less anxious. A Germany study indicates pessimists are about 10 percent more likely to have better health than optimists in the near future too. Nonetheless, optimists ultimately win out. They are twice as likely to have good heart health, with better blood pressure, blood sugar, and total cholesterol levels. They even do a better job at warding off the common cold and fighting cancer. So, yes, there is a silver lining to pessimism, but pessimists likely will never see it. You can read the full article here:

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