The 7 Best Languages to Learn for Business

Technology, tecnología, テクノロジー, would you suspect each of these words sounds roughly the same? Learning a new language may not always be as easy as changing how you pronounce “G” or “L,” but it is worth it to try for the sake of better business. Dan Wilson counts down seven of the best languages to learn at The Richest.

Rich in Spirit, Maybe

With 160 million native speakers and few of them speaking English, Russian is a great (albeit challenging) language for blowing open big new doors for business. The same can be said of Japanese, as Japan will make an estimated $70 billion in revenue for its robotics by 2025. The growing power of Brazil makes Portuguese another promising choice. Then of course there is Mandarin, as China is the world’s second-largest economy and offers 935 million native speakers. The other three languages rounding out the list, Spanish, French, and Arabic, are all extremely useful because of the expansive geography over which they are spoken. Wilson says Arabic is the official language of roughly 27 countries, while French can be of use both in Europe and Africa, among other places. To learn more, you can read the full article here:

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