The 5 Health Benefits of Being an Optimist

If you want to live long and prosper, then a laugh and a high-five might be the way to get there. Ali Eaves writes for Men’s Health with five health benefits of optimistic thinking. The first is that optimists are twice as likely to have good heart health as pessimists, with better blood sugar and cholesterol as well. Contributing to this is that optimists are less likely to smoke. Optimists also have better immune systems, and they are less likely to develop dementia. Even prescription opioid painkillers are more effective for optimists, though there are a lot of scientific caveats to why and how that can be the case. And lastly, after following a group of college kids for a whopping 40 years, it was found that perky people were just less likely to drop dead. This also applies to people’s ability to fight cancer and heart disease. The will to live and embrace life is powerful, it seems. You can view the slideshow here:

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