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The 3 Things that Your Team Really Wants from You

Here’s a question that may not have crossed your mind lately – what is it that your company is really paying you to do? The answer from Jim Anderson is that they’re paying you to convince a group of IT pros to work hand in hand to accomplish a particular goal. A simple task? Not likely. But Anderson offers three things you can do for your team in return for their hard work and dedication.

Three Things Every Team Member Wants

  1. A sense of purpose
  2. Empathy
  3. Autonomy

As a company or even as an IT manager it can be all too easy to think that what the members of your IT team really want is more money. Don’t get me wrong here, yes – everyone would like more money. But, if we’re talking about what is going to give the members of your team a long term sense of motivation, then what you are going to have to provide them with is a sense of purpose.

This goes a little bit beyond just presenting them with a job. If they’ve invested their time, it’s fair to let them feel a sense of accomplishment. Furthermore, a sense of empathy from the PM is necessary since the company itself is certainly not capable of love. Just make sure that you’re flexible with work schedules, create a productive and positive work environment, and be sure to celebrate their accomplishments and anniversaries. You might call it the “human touch.”

Finally, as manager, you’re perfectly capable of arriving at solutions for all manner of technical problem. However, you are only one person. If you think your own solutions will be sufficient, then you are either an extremely skilled professional, or completely out of your mind. The great thing about having a team of diverse individuals is that they too can arrive at some pretty creative solutions. By letting them, you not only relieve yourself of a significant burden, you allow them to fall in love with a job where they control (in part) their own destinies.

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