SME Advice: 5 Tips for Doing Business in Germany

Germany is a known center of world productivity. Danielle Ryan writes for The Daily Business Post with five tips for having the best time navigating German business dealings.

Hamburg Helper

A majority of noteworthy companies in Germany, or “Mittelstand” companies, typically have a rich history rooted in their local region, so for the best results, get intimately familiar with the individual states in which you do business. Be as punctual as possible for meetings and use people’s titles until they say otherwise. Always undersell rather than oversell in discussions, as honesty and directness are greatly appreciated. Stick with accurate facts and figures and relay what benefits you can give to the specific business. Lastly, because the Germans are detail-oriented, they will likely not make a deal with you right away. Consider it is a good thing if it takes time and follow-up discussion for them to make a deal with you. You can read the whole article here:!story/Home/News/SME+advice%3A+5+tips+for+doing+business+in+Germany/id/78183667-53d1-613d-ccee-e332710596

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