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Six Traits of the Empowered Project Manager

What separates the good project managers from the best project managers? The good project managers hope they will do a great job, whereas the best project managers already know that they have the abilities to do a great job. Project leadership coach Susanne Madsen writes with six tips for developing an empowered mindset that will fuel greater career success for years to come.

  1. Being in control
  2. Having faith
  3. Seeing opportunity
  4. Self-confidence
  5. Rethinking failure
  6. Fully committing

Being in control means you own your decisions. It means not deflecting the blame onto others or hiding behind circumstances that are beyond your control. Once you realize that you can control how you view the circumstances and how you react, your mindset will instantly improve. If you are truly moving toward your chosen goal, there is no sense in worrying about every little thing that could go wrong. As a PM, you need to mitigate risk. That’s a given. But anything that falls outside the bounds of what could be reasonably expected of you should be left as a matter of faith.

Everyone comes up against obstacles in their day-to-day interactions. An obstacle can be perceived as an opportunity for growth, or as a threat. How you approach each obstacle is what distinguishes success from failure. An empowered person is one who trusts in their own ability to achieve greatness. This trait does not give someone a license to be arrogant. Rather, it validates their right to succeed and to lead others to success.

Failure only exists in the mind of the person who is afraid to grow. Growing pains are real, but achieving our goals requires an empowered mindset that allows for a degree of risk taking. Chances are someone else once walked in your shoes. Study the successful people around you and believe you can be like them. To achieve your goals of leadership and success, you must be in it for the long haul. Refinement after refinement will occur, but with an empowered mindset you will come closer each time.

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