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Shackle the Dream of Legacy Modernization

Modernizing your legacy applications can feel like tackling an oversized bird as it tries to escape out of an office window. Like the song from the TV show Parks and Recreation proclaims, you’ve got to “catch your dream, and shackle it to your heart.” Brandon Edenfield, writing for CIO.com, has got the lock and chains to help your modernizing dream come true.

Take Flight Quickly / Cheaply

Your approach needs to be holistic and future-oriented, according to Edenfield:

If you are looking for pure cost take-out or consolidation, select a transformation approach that limits functionality change and stresses fast, efficient and cost effective platform migration. If you truly plan to enhance the business benefit or technical architecture of your applications, be ready to make the investment. Frustration and conflict can be injected into the process when project and organizational objectives are not aligned.

<h2> Know Your Applications 360°

Consider you project aspects up front, such as the capacity of existing IT in addition to business and performance requirements. You’ve got to understand your company’s application use inside and out – from who uses what and how to what aspects have been modified over time, in addition to functional dependencies.

Re-Host on a New Platform

Consider re-hosting your custom applications by switching platforms. The new platform, whether it’s an IBM mainframe or a proprietary UNIX system, will probably be more cost-effective and will reduce system complexity.

Take a Deep Breath

Lastly, don’t lie to yourself. Legacy modernization is a long, difficult process that involves multiple projects. It helps to have a partner over the course of your efforts – a partner who will hold down your dreams of modernization while you bring out the shackles.

Read the original article at: http://www.cio.com/article/2426296/enterprise-software/legacy-modernization-101.html

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