IT Management Lessons from GE Capital

There is some fly-by-night company out there called General Electric, or GE for short. Maybe a handful of you have heard of this obscure blip of an enterprise. Emily Poe has interviewed GE Capital’s CIO, Charles Galda, about their IT management programs. Let’s humor this silly little business and hear what Galda has to say.

Not to be Confused with Colonel Electric

GE Capital emphasizes educating potential leaders on a combination of tech, business, and management skills. When it comes to deciding who within the company are potential leaders, they look at people who are good at execution and report IT metrics well. General passion for the technology at use is another prerequisite, in addition to being able to sell to other people (i.e. the business) the benefits of technology’s smart application.

Those who are ultimately selected can participate in a few different training courses, according to management experience level. Among these is the Advanced Information Management Course (AIMC), which can last upward of two weeks and takes participants through case studies. Senior leaders and external speakers also come to do panels.

Another option for those with C-suite ambitions is the Executive Information Management Program, which lasts for two years:

It includes some online courses, some in-person courses, as well as a three-week stint in another GE Capital business, so that tech leaders can get a new perspective in a different part of the business, Galda said. The company also offers a business management course that allows new executives to visit other countries for three week projects to get to know various parts of the global GE business.

There are some very promising concepts to be reviewed here. But then again, GE announced eight days after this interview’s publication that they were selling off most of GE Capital, so maybe do not treat this article like it is the Bible of IT management. You can read the original article here:

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