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How to Get Bigger IT Budgets

If you want to win the quarterly budget tug of war with other departments in you organization, it’s time to start counting. What does counting have to do with IT governance? “Everything,” says Didier Moretti in an article for The ITSM Review.

What Would Customer Support Do?

First of all, customer support is the natural home of analytics, as it has been for some time. Measuring key performance measures and customer satisfaction lies at the heart of effective governance and (here’s the fiscal point) is a great way to effectively measure how a team is utilized and whether or not need dictates additional funding per staff headcount.

Establish a Document Process

The biggest barrier to measuring anything is a lack of a consistent method of execution or in other words, a process. If all requests for work, be it in IT or outside such as reviewing a contract or updating an employee benefit plan, are executed in an inconsistent manner with varying levels of efficiency, it’s hard to get a read on how long a task takes and at what rate it can be executed.

Although the “typical” IT workday is somewhat of a myth, it’s crucial to document work flow to better share the concrete and measurable aspects of team productivity.

Measure It!

A third approach involves getting your hands dirty by actually measuring the length of various tasks in the work day. This will give management a better sense of how to plan (and hence how to budget for) projects and tasks.

Counting on Success

The point of all this measuring and tracking is that eventually you’ll have a nice solid platform on which to develop your own personalized set of analytics. How many people handled how many IT requests and what was the average response time? Success rates? If you can come to the executive table with numbers for the next round of budgetary talks, chances are you’ll count more head nods, if not higher starting numbers for the next quarter.

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