How and Why to Stay Positive at Work and in Life

For optimists, the grass is always greener, period. Emotional intelligence trainer Travis Bradberry writes for Forbes about how keeping positive can make an important difference in your work success.


The studies on the benefits of optimism for your health are myriad, but there are distinct business reasons to keep smiling too. For instance, amongst insurance salespeople in a study, optimistic salespeople “sold 37% more policies than pessimists, who were twice as likely to leave the company during their first year of employment.” It may be that people are more eager to approve of your work and your output just because they approve of you.

Bradberry provides two basic steps for becoming more optimistic. The first is to actively acknowledge when you are having negative thoughts—which tend not to be based in reality—and break them down. You are very likely exaggerating the severity of the thing, so basically, let the truth set you free. Seek a second opinion if necessary. The second step is to start identifying more positives. When things are rough, always find the silver lining to which to cling until things get better. This might be something that happened a few days or a week back, or maybe it is something you are looking forward to in the future. Use these two steps to stabilize your mood and get into a more positive gear. You can read the full article here:

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