Deciding Which Foreign Language Will Help You in Business

It is a big, big world out there, and English is one of the best languages to know. So which language should you learn next to make your world even bigger? Sanda Golcea offers some tips to help you decide.

The Language of Money?

The two major considerations in picking up a new language are the ease and speed with which a language can be learned, and whether there are viable business opportunities in the areas of the world that speak the language. Golcea recommends against picking a first new language with a different alphabet or no alphabet, like Mandarin, due to how very long it will take to master. Instead, if you pick a romance language like Spanish, you will learn it faster, and you will also be able to understand bits of other languages in that group due to an abundance of cognates. In the US, Spanish is also the second-most common language, in addition to being spoken by many of our closest neighbors. In the UK, French might be a better alternative, again for reasons of proximity. For more tips, and lists breaking down the most spoken languages, you can view the full article here:

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