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Charting the Dire Rate of IT Incidents

IT incidents, like candy, come in many forms—hardware failure, app outages, lost connectivity, etc. Unlike candy, IT incidents are something we want to take out of our diets. Dennis McCafferty provides a slideshow at CIO Insight breaking down the stats on where things go wrong in IT.

Dealing with Junk Food

McCafferty cites the findings of research by Everbridge, who surveyed over 200 IT professionals. In the past year, they reported an average of over 150 IT incidents that took roughly two and a quarter hours to resolve each time. A whopping 78 percent of organizations still rely on a manual phone call to draw IT’s attention to an incident, and 93 percent say there are times when the assigned person or team does not respond. One third of the time, incident response team members are spread out across multiple locations, adding yet another level of complication.

Listing the most common types of IT incidents, McCafferty writes:

Hardware failure: 55%, Individual application outage: 54%, Data center network outage: 52%, Lost connectivity among sites or regional offices: 50%, Data center network performance issues: 39%

You can view some additional numbers at the full slideshow here: http://www.cioinsight.com/it-strategy/infrastructure/slideshows/how-mishandled-it-incidents-spiral-out-of-control.html

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