Better Ways to Use Your Weekends

Exceeding 50 hours per week, productivity sharply declines, and after 55 hours, you might as well not be working at all. An article at the BBC draws from the insights of TalentSmart president Travis Bradberry and DuJour founder Jason Binn to make better use of weekends.

Hands Off the Outlook

Firstly, you need to disconnect from work for the weekend, or else your work will become your life. Second, minimize your chores, even though chores are a necessary evil. Space them out around your week instead so that the weekend is clear. Use your free time to go on “micro-adventures” to see or experience new things, and build in some morning “me time,” when your mind is at its sharpest. And when it comes to scraping some additional free time out of your week, Binn recommends technology like Spritz for your reading; it displays one word at a time at a controllable lightning pace, so that you read books much faster. Likewise, you can stock the fridge faster using Amazon’s new Dash service, or get your coffee faster by getting the new features on Starbucks’s app.

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