8 Apps to Help You Get More Done in Less Time

Plotting your time and taking action is hard. Why not just let your phone do it? That is Elisha Hartwig’s attitude, as she lists eight apps to save your time in an article at Mashable. WunWun is a free service with expanding availability that will have people dropping off items and food that they need directly to them. Circa is an app that puts all the day’s top news in one convenient location for you. Shyp allows you to take a photo of an item you need shipped, and then someone will come pick up that item and ship it for you. Brewster compiles all your social media contacts in one spot for you. Clear (which is not free to download, at present) lets you create color-coded priority lists for tasks. Zirtual lets you have a sort of part-time virtual personal assistant to answer emails and schedule your itinerary for you. IFTTT (If this then that) is especially innovative, allowing you to create “recipes” of scenarios where, for instance, any image you post to Instagram will automatically be sent to Dropbox. Lastly, Pocket allows you to download any neat articles or videos to watch later, so that it does not distract you now.

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