7 Tips for Crafting a Dominant Executive Summary

Is the customer requiring an executive summary? Then Bob Lohfeld would like to help in an article for Washington Technology. He offers some basic advice that will not go over your head.

Maybe into Your Face Though

Decide when to write the executive summary—before or after the proposal has been written. Lohfeld recommends after, to avoid rewriting. Stay focused on benefits the customer will receive. Do not veer too wildly from anything introduced in the proposal. Begin the proposal with an opening statement that addresses problems and how you will solve them, rather than starting by talking about how awesome your business is. After that, emphasize the greatest strengths of what your proposal will achieve. When everything is done, review the document and make sure all major points in the executive summary are included in the proposal in high detail. If you promise a robot clown in the summary, the proposal better have the specs of that robot. You can read the full article here:

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